Monday, February 16, 2009

Who Do They Serve?

What is behind the demands for bi-partisanship? What are people really saying? What do they want? Who do our elected officials believe they serve?

As a former Eagle County Commissioner I asked myself these questions. The answer is simple regarding who I was elected to serve. Everyone that lives in Eagle County. But do all elected officials understand this? I'm sorry to tell you that they don't. How this was first revealed to me is an interesting story.

One day early on in my first term in office, I happened to be having a brief policy discussion with another Commissioner. I have forgotten what we were discussing but I will never forget his response. I'll also never forget what one of his supporters told me when I asked him about my colleague’s comment.

First the other commissioner's comment. "You and I disagree on this Tom. I was elected to serve my constituents not yours".

Second the supporters comment. "I told him (the other commissioner) that we didn't get him elected to vote his conscience. We got him elected to vote the way that we wanted him to vote."

I guess that many of our elected officials and the public both need a civics lesson.

A constituent is any member of a constituency, including those who did not vote for an elected representative.

President Obama would be well served to learn this lesson but I doubt that he cares to. His massive Stimulus Bill, all of the ear marks and associated pork that is imbedded in it and the way it passed is the exact opposite of serving his constituency. The Democrats and Obama have shown us all how partisan they intend to be. They have shown us that they do not represent all of us. They have shown us that they believe they were elected to only serve those that supported them.

I wonder if there is an earmark for a Presidential dictionary. Obama could sure use one right now.

That's the Stone Cold Truth!

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  1. Why does the overwhelming number of poll voters over at the http://EagleCountyTimes.Com believe that Eagle County’s Commissioner are wasting our tax money – during a down turn in the County’s economy?