Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Compact with Colorado

At a recent breakfast of the Denver County Republicans, former Colorado Senator Hank Brown introduced me to what he had termed a "Compact with Colorado". This concept is only in its infancy, however I believe that it has great merit as a way to save our State.

I see the Compact as being a pledge to the people of our great State regarding how we will govern and what our positive vision for the future is. The Compact would be a statement of values. In the book, "Hope is not a Method", former Army Chief of Staff Gordon Sullivan describes the importance of values by stating:

"Shared values express the essence of an organization. They bind expectations, provide alignment, and establish a foundation for transformation and growth. By emphasizing values, the leader signals what will not change, providing an anchor for people drifting in a sea of uncertainty and a strategic text for decisions and actions that will grow the organization."

Similar in concept to the 1994 Contract with America, our State specific Compact with the people of Colorado could be just what we need to define our Republican brand. It could also be an effective way for us to communicate a clear message regarding what we stand for.

If a people are not willing to stand for something, they will fall for anything.

That's the Stone Cold Truth.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Please Stop Shoveling Mr. President

Would someone please take the shovel away from Barack Obama? He has taken a bad economy and made it worse by the hour. We all know that the first thing to do if you are in a hole is to quit digging. The President has done just the opposite. Does anyone else believe like I do that you don't get us out of a deficit by doing more deficit spending? Maybe the President could go to a small town banker that has remained solvent because of wise lending practices, and ask the banker how they have managed to stay in business. My guess is that there is no way that banker would approve of this crazy scheme that Mr. Obama has concocted. I'm guessing that banker would consider the U.S. government to be too risky to lend money to. Obama's promise to repay would be just words. Empty words that have no substance.

Our country is on a path to bankruptcy. I don't know if there are enough people concerned to take meaningful action. We have become a nation at risk almost overnight it seems. At risk to lose our independence. At risk to lose our very way of life. I don't want our democracy to fail. If we don't find enough people to wrestle that shovel away Barack Obama, the hole may become so deep that our Nation and our culture will never see the light of day again.

That's the Stone Cold Truth.