Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tax Revolt for Dummies

I am considering writing a new book to be titled "Tax Revolt for Dummies". While the rest of us scrimp and save to make ends meet, our government is busy finding new ways to tax us. Local, State and Federal programs are rapidly expanding with entitlement programs that will never be removed. How will they pay for these new programs? Simple. Tax us more. Can someone please tell these people that there is no way to tax ourselves into prosperity? Ok, I admit that they won't listen so I will simply have to write this book. Having been an elected official I know very well that the only way to stop government expansion is to starve the beast.

Chapters will include:

1. How to get a referendum on the ballot.
2. How to get people on your team.
3. How to set up a campaign fund.
4. How to raise money.
5. What your message should be.
6. How to make your message viral through social media.
7. How to get information from the government that they don't want you to see.

If anyone wants to help me write this book please let me know. It's sure to be a best seller overnight.

That's the Stone Cold Truth!

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